In 2006, Anton Flores-Maisonet walked away from a prestigious tenure-track faculty position at a small liberal arts college.  In his letter of resignation he wrote:

…charged by the College to profess the values and skills that undergird competent social work practice and coupled with my deepening exposure to the life of Latin Americans living both here and in their home countries, I am now compelled to answer a new, clear call on my life.  In 2006 Charlotte and I, along with some migrants who have become some of our closest friends, intend on launching a non-profit organization that seeks to develop intentional, interdependent relationships with Latin American migrants in LaGrange and with communities and their grassroots leaders in Latin America.  This ministry of hospitality will be a venture of faith and a risk-taking venture that will require my fullest devotion.

This website and its description of “our ministry” is the revelation of this risk-taking venture.  Anton is the only “full-time” person devoted to Alterna’s ministries but all offerings are made in love and no one, including Anton, receives any compensation for this labor of love.