In Memoriam – Andres Martinez Cruz

001Today, one of my dearest friends, Maria*, received word that her father had passed away during the twilight hours of this morning.

Maria and her husband, Victor*, have been some of my closest friends over the last eight years.  We are so close it actually pains me that I even have to disclose their identity in this post.

What saddens me even more is that Maria’s violation of her freedom of movement will not allow her to have the kind of emotional closure such a tragic event merits.  Obviously, if even the death of a family member doesn’t result in a voluntary deportation, surely, reasonable people can agree that more is at play here than overly simplified views of the rule of law and immigration.

Pray for Maria, a young mother who would wants to hold her mother if only she could.  Pray for Victor and their children, one of whom will now never even have the opportunity to meet his grandfather on this side of eternity because of our unjust immigration laws.

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