Pray for LaGrange churchgoer attacked while walking home

This unfortunate crime against a pedestrian occurred approximately two weeks ago.  Below is the report from the LaGrange Daily News.
A man walking home from church was assaulted at gunpoint on Hamilton Road Sunday afternoon.

Police said the victim gave the following account:

Billy Rollins, 43, of Hamilton Road was walking home from church when a dark green Chevrolet SUV stopped behind him. The unidentified men exited the vehicle, and one pointed a silver-colored pistol at Rollins’ head and demanded money. When Rollins said he didn’t have any money, the gunman grabbed a tire iron from the back of the SUV and swung it at Rollins’ head. Rollins managed to block the swing with his left arm. The robbers then took turns striking his left arm with the tire iron before driving away. Nothing was stolen.

Robbins was treated at West Georgia Medical Center and released.

[Pray for Robbins and for all other pedestrians.]

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