The DriveFast begins… with a sick child at school

So it’s Ash Wednesday and my 40-day fast from driving an automobile begins.  And how does it begin?  With parental responsibilities.

This morning, Eli got hit with a stomach bug while at school.  drivefast-001

Now, we are privileged folks…

  1. Charlotte is a school teacher at Eli’s school.
  2. We live less than two miles from Eli’s school.
  3. Charlotte is driving with a license (while I am refraining from driving).

I was on the other line when Charlotte called me to inform me that Eli was sick and needed to come home so she took the maternal initiative to drive him home herself.  BUT WHAT IF THERE WERE NO LICENSED PARENT IN OUR HOME?

Yes, I could have walked to his school but would he have made it back OK with a stomach bug?

Yes, I could have called a taxi but that would have resulted in a delay and what if, God forbid, he had an “accident” in the taxi?  (A plastic bag would not have helped his type of stomach bug…)

Yes, many parents survive without a driver’s license and would have adapted to this acute crisis.  I just hope my fast and these postings sensitize all of us to the unintended consequences of denying folks a driver’s license in a society that has not yet found viable alternatives.

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