While violent crimes increase, LaGrange P.D. conducts roadblocks every other day

From an article written by Kenneth Thompson (LaGrange Daily News, February 24, 2009)


Property crimes in LaGrange are steadily decreasing while domestic violence incidents spiked to a five-year high, according the latest public safety report…

[LaGrange Public Safety Chief Lou] Dekmar presented the annual report to City Council on Tuesday…domestic_violence6_1

Meanwhile, domestic violence rocketed to a five-year high last year after dropping each of the previous four years. Nearly 440 incidents occurred in 2008, up from 323 the year before…

Another area of crime that spiked in 2008 after dropping for several years includes acts of violence such as murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. The total rose from 118 in 2007 to 156 last year.

In addition to crime patrol, police have more actively enforced traffic control. Police issued more than 16,000 citations each of the last two years. The number has steadily increased since 2005, which saw almost 14,000 citations.

As a result, the number of automobile crashes has steadily declined since 2005. There were 1,989 crashes in 2008 compared to 2,000 the year before. Of that number, though, 328 crashes involved injuries, a 10-year high. There were also three fatalities, a five-year high. Two of those fatalities involved motorcycles. The other resulted from a motorist striking a pedestrian.

Police ran 186 traffic safety checkpoints in 2008 [which disproprotionately nabbed African American and Latino drivers for driving with a suspended license or unlicenseable.  Furthermore, traffic safety checkpoints result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the city of LaGrange. It should be noted that municipal court fines constitute a significant portion of the city’s budget since it levies no property tax.]…car-lpd

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